Sister Millie (Jun 28th, 2011 )
"I would like to praise the Lord for His love and constant pursuit that has captured my heart. I thank Him for always, sticking His nose in my business, when it came to my relationships. Finally He won as He knew He would and its been six years since I've been single. I do believe God has called me to be single these six years so that He can have my undivided attention, so that He can teach me how to enjoy myself, Millie, yeah I'm alright with just being Millie and knowing I don't need to be in a relationship for the sake of not being alone...I like my quiet time with the Lord and hearing from Him. I do believe I am being refined and molded into His image. I am AWARE of His presence in my heart, soul, all around me, He is there! What joy to share my life with Christ who will never leave me nor forsake me! I am enthralled and overtaken by His love for me and guess can have that love in your life as well. It is THE perfect love, He was born to love me, He died because He loved me, and He rose so I could live in eternity with Him...WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!"
Maggie Arce (Jun 30th, 2011)
"Praise the Lord oh my soul and all that I have within me. I want to share that the Lord is great and although at times you may think that he is not listening to you. HE REALLY IS!!! Yesterday, Wednesday I was thinking about just staying home because I was tired and though of skipping mid-week service was all over my mind. Had gotten up at 4:30 am, had been to the hospital in Philadelphia, been to the stores, and supermarket and I was just feeling tired. I finally said I will go and the Lord will refresh me. I wrote that account on facebook and I wrote there to the Lord..Please Lord speak to me. And during worship the Lord did point me out and touched me and spoke to me. Thank you Lord ... I was really in need of your touch. Just when you think your all alone.... God is always there! Thank you Jesus and I thank you Almighty God for bringing me to LBGF and for giving me the gift of having such a loving pastor and his kind, caring and beautiful wife. Thank you Lord for John and of course Emilia... your a beauty God bless you. Hallelujah!"
Davis J Vasquez (Apr 11th, 2014)
"I thank God for the man that God has put before me, I have the privilege to say that as my Uncle and My Shepherd he can never be replaced with any other man, he preaches the uncut and unedited word, meaning it is uncompromisable and not watered down like many others. I have sat in many churches, but Living by Grace Fellowship stands above the rest in my (view) thanks uncle for being the man that God can smile upon and say one man does make a difference when he walks WITH the master side by side. Your message inspires me to be the best i can be in God's kingdom without compromise even in my darkest hour."
Lillian LaSalle (Oct 24th, 2013 )
"Praise the lord for the wonderful work he is doing in our ministry. Lately the praise and worship has been above awesome. It is like we are all in one accord. It is not about us it is all about you jesus. We will always fall short and miss the mark and can not do enough our righteousness is but filthy rags. Oh but when we come together humbled crying out to The Lord, he hears us and loves to be in our presence. An atmosphere of pure bliss. You want to be happy seek God with all your heart mind and soul he does not disappoint."

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