Rev. Barry Vazquez

Senior Pastor

The year was 1991, Specialist Vazquez found himself standing on the roof of one of the Al Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, looking out to the horizon and contemplating the meaning of life. He was a soldier serving his country in the Military Intelligence Corp during Operation Desert Storm. He had plans to marry his college sweetheart upon his return to the states and joining the professional workforce. Outwardly, everything in his life seemed to be in order. But something nagged at him from the inside. He believed there had to be more to life—some purpose to his being on earth. He knew of God, having a mother who prayed for him and constantly gave him service tapes from her pastor, Al Horta. Though he didn’t know it then, the Word that his mother had so diligently sown into him all those years before was about to take root. That day, March 23, 1991, in the middle of the desert, he spoke to God. He made a promise—if God would change his way of thinking, he would serve Him all the days of his life. God did, and Pastor Barry has kept his promise, through the mountains and valleys of his life. He returned to the states with a resolve to get to know Jesus intimately and understand the Christian life so he could serve Him to the best of his ability. He served under Pastor Al Horta at End Time Ministries from 1991-2000, in many capacities. The first time he preached abroad was in 1993 in Mexico. In 1994, Pastor Barry and his wife, Awilda, were appointed Elders at End Time Ministries. He was licensed as a minister in 1996. His desire to learn more about God and His Word led him to enroll in Bible school at Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center (FFMWOC) in 1997. He graduated from FFMWOC’s Advanced Christian School in two years and continued to get a diploma from the School of Ministry. On January 1, 2000, God told him that would be the year of separation. A few months later, God revealed his call to Trenton, New Jersey and all the details of his ministry. Later that year in May, he accompanied his Pastor to a Pastors’ Anointing Weekend at Rod Parsley’s church in Ohio. God was faithful to confirm His word to Pastor Barry during that weekend through the various teachings and finally through his own Pastor. On September 24, 2000, the doors to Living By Grace Fellowship were opened. In 2002 he enrolled into a six-month intensive program at Faith International Training School and earned his diploma. Ever the bible student, Pastor Barry went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity and Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in June 2006. He shares this passion for learning and understanding the Word of God with all who hunger for that knowledge. Pastor has a saying, “school is always open”, and indeed it always is.

Pastor Awilda Vazquez

First Lady

Pastor Awilda accepted the Lord as Savior on September 22, 1991. She has been serving the Lord next to her husband for over 20 years. First Lady received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the College of New Jersey in 1989 and currently serves as the Administrator for Living By Grace Fellowship, Inc. She also serves on the Board of Directors in the capacity of Secretary and Treasurer. In Addition, she oversees the Women’s Ministry, “Women of Grace” as well as the Children’s Ministry, “Covenant Kids”. She ministers the Word of God on occasion with simplicity and humility. First Lady has always been characterized as a humble and graceful woman of God. This characteristic is reflective in her life as well as when she shares the Word of God with others. She is the proud mother of three, one of which is home with the Lord awaiting their reunion. Pastor Barry and Awilda met as teenagers and have been together for 30 years.

Eriberto & Luz Rios

Pastoral Care, Elders

Eriberto and Luz Rios have been married for 21 years and have 2 lovely daughters, Celenia and Natalie. Eriberto is a self-employed General Contractor and Luz is a Bilingual Teacher in the Trenton Public Schools. They came to the ministry in 2002, and finally relocated to the area in 2005 to better serve where they were called. They have personally known the pastors for 30 years. Through this lifelong friendship, they have come to know firsthand the depth of character, integrity and faith of Pastor Barry and Awilda. Watching the pastors’ response to difficult personal circumstances over the years has served as inspiration for the Rios’ own spiritual growth. Luz has served as a teacher in the Children’s Ministry for the last 12 years and Eriberto was formerly Head Usher. He is currently in charge of the ministry of Pastoral Care. In 2010, the couple was given the responsibility of Eldership in the ministry. As Elders, they strive to be an extension of Pastor Barry and Awilda’s love, wisdom and understanding as they serve God’s people and help them grow spiritually.

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