Living By Grace Fellowship is a church dedicated to living a Christ centered life, bringing salvation to the lost, and reaching our community with a heart to serve in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

On September 24, 2000, the doors of Living by Grace Fellowship were opened. The temporary home for the ministry was a VFW Hall in Hamilton, NJ. The sound system was in the back of the hall where worship tapes were played for the congregation to sing along with. Children’s ministry was housed in one room near the front for children ages 2-12. It was not easy to get kids excited about the Lord, without disrupting service! Although those early accommodations were challenging, we pressed forward with the vision given to Pastor Barry.

Just 3 years after opening its doors, the opportunity would come for the ministry to acquire its own building in Trenton, NJ. The former bank would become the official home of Living by Grace Fellowship two years later. Ever the Bible student, Pastor Barry went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity and Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He shares this passion for learning and understanding the Word of God with all who hunger for that knowledge. Pastor has a saying — “school is always open”, and indeed it always is.

As LBGF celebrates 10 years of service unto the Lord, the search for a larger building begins once again. Although a second service has been added, Sunday Mornings are filled to capacity. The children’s classes, which at first offered relief from the cramped room at the VFW, can no longer accommodate the number of children coming each week. God has been faithful to the ministry this first decade, so we will continue to wait on the Lord and follow his direction into the future.